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  • October 04, 2017
    ❤️ #Repost @mirandalambert ・・・ I've spent the last few days with a heavy heavy heart. And I know there are more days like that to come.
  • August 28, 2017
    Nothing better to match the mood of rainy Monday than Ray Charles singing "You Don't Know Me" #classic #modernsoundsincountryandwesternmusic #raycharles #currentmood
  • July 12, 2017
    Got to be a part of a show tonight with @reba and @leeannwomack THIS was a little slice of Heaven on Earth. Thank you @shanetarleton for making me a part of it. #citywinery #alzheimersfoundationofamerica
  • June 09, 2017
    Always an honor to stand in the circle @opry #cmafest #country #americana #music
  • February 08, 2018
    Had a blast last week at the @Opry! Hope to see some of you on the road this weekend with @rickbrantley. Check out dates at

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